"In the same way, it is not my heavenly Father’s will that even one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14
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God's Power: Escape from Egypt

God's Power: Escape from Egypt


This six-lesson series gives children a "big picture" look at what God was doing through Moses and how that fits into the greater redemption story. Lessons cover Moses' birth through the giving of the Ten Commandments.

Lesson 1 - God the Deliverer (Genesis 12:1-3; 46:1-4; Exodus 1:1--4:28) 
Lesson 2 - God Shows His Greatness to Pharaoh (Exodus 4:29--6:13; 7:1--12:30) 
Lesson 3 - God Shows His Power to Save (Exodus 12:31-42; 13:17--15:21) 
Lesson 4 - God Gives the Ten Commandments (Part 1) (Exodus 19:1-9a, 16-20; 20:1-21; 31:18) 
Lesson 5 - God Gives the Ten Commandments (Part 2) (Exodus 20:1-23; Mathew 5:21-22) 
Lesson 6 - Moses' Song  (Review Lesson)

Flashcards: Full-color visuals to teach the six lessons. 13” x 9 5/8” (33 x 24.4 cm)   5-6 visuals per lesson.

English text: Lesson outlines, detailed story line, review questions, memory verse teaching and more.

Resource pack: Includes ESV visualized Bible verse booklet, Word-up booklet, Bible time line and map additions, resource sheets, additional lesson reproducible sheets, Clue poster and mission story on the Pinedas. (Regional Director for CEF of Latin America)

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