CEF Ontario

Game Pack


1. Forbidden Sky: Work together as a team in this game to escape a flying platform. Learn how to wire a circuit with this game that will power the rocket that helps you get home to safety.

2. Incan Gold: Adventure inside the temple and see what treasure can be found. Help kids practice division and remainders with this fun game.

3. TUKI: In the Inuit language, Tukilik is used to define an object that carries a message. The northern landscapes are densely populated with such objects. The most well known of these is certainly the inukshuk. During each turn, you will attempt to construct an inukshuk using your stones and blocks of snow. And you can choose from 2 levels of difficulty. Be swift, yet precise. Transform your stones into messengers of the north.

Packages to sent includes: Everything for 1 Forbidden Sky, 1 Incan Gold and 2 TUKI's Board games

Difficulty 3 (Moderate)